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Cricket Gloves

PUMA's cricket gloves are athletic, ergonomic, and cool. Cricket is one of the biggest Indian sports, and even gully cricket is a serious matter. So whether you or your child plays gully cricket or is next in line to be the brightest cricket star of India, our cricket hand gloves help enhance your

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PUMA Cricket Gloves are Comfortable, Stylish, and Supportive

Our cricket gloves are available as keeping gloves and batting gloves. They are available in the classic white colour along with combinations and designs in other colours like sky blue, grey, black, peach, etc. They are designed for comfort and efficiency so you can perform your best as a keeper or batsman.

Best Features of the Wicket Keeping Gloves and Cricket Batting Gloves for Improved Performance

  • Padding to protect you
  • Mesh panels in the right places for extra breathability
  • Antifungal anti-odour technology to prevent sweat-induced problems
  • Modern and stylish graphics inspired by the future
  • The hook and loop closure provides an adjustable, secure fit
  • Better dexterity with the articulated design for the human palm and fingers
  • PUMA Cat Logo makes the design cooler and your game more confident
    The innovative design gives you a firm grip and solid foundation for your best shots
  • These cricket gloves are soft to touch as you put them on so you can focus solely on your game

The Right Cricket Gloves for your Needs

Athletic gloves serve various purposes. For example, you can use sweat-resistant gym gloves for safer strength training, goalkeeping gloves for a friendly or professional football game to keep your performance high as a goalkeeper, cricket batting gloves to get the best grip on the bat, or cricket wicket keeping gloves for enhanced performance as a wicket-keeper. The batting, as well as the wicket keeping gloves, have some features in common like the hook and loop closure for an adjustable fit on your wrists, a fantastic grip, mesh panels for superior breathability and to prevent any sweat-induced skin issues, and stylish designs to keep your white gloves modern and exciting, to complement the rest of your fabulous athletic wardrobe. The only difference between the wicket keeping and batting cricket gloves is that the batting gloves are abundantly padded on the back of your palm to protect your hands from various potential injuries. In contrast, the wicket keeping gloves are padded all around but predominantly on the inside of your hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between batting gloves and wicket keeping gloves?

Batting gloves are designed to protect the back of your hands from heavy impact from the ball while providing you great grip on the inside of your palms, even in case of intense perspiration. However, the wicket keeping gloves offer maximum padding on the palms to reduce the ball's impact as you catch it.

2. What is the best type of cricket gloves?

The best cricket gloves are heavily padded in the right places to provide you with all the protection you need from ball impact. They have excellent grip even when your hands get sweaty, mesh panels so your sweaty hands can breathe in the gloves, stylish designs for more confidence, and adjustable closures for the wrists.

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