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White Polo

Whether you’re planning to hit the golf course or need something a little more formal than a tee, a white polo t-shirt from PUMA is what you need. A white polo tee is designed to keep you feeling comfortable and looking stylish, and it can be worn everywhere, from school and work to

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Buy Stylish Polo White T-shirts Online

PUMA’s white polo tees are designed to keep you comfortable during a long golf game. Moisture-wicking technology ensures you stay dry even if you’re golfing at the peak of summer, while short sleeves allow for freedom of movement. Carefully chosen, soft knitted textiles mean you’ll never feel like changing out of your white polo tshirt. PUMA’s range is available in various sizes and styles, ensuring there’s an option for everyone.

How to Style

  • Pair your white polo tshirt with track pants for a classic look that will never go out of style
  • Match your white polo with coloured pants. The colour of the pants will help you stand out, while the white of your polo will ensure that you don’t take up too much attention.
  • Use your white polo tshirt as a layering element, and wear it under a tan or black jacket. Complete the look with black pants or denim jeans. This casual look is versatile and can be worn everywhere, from running to the market to complete errands to meeting friends for brunch.

How to Pick the Right White Polo Tshirt

  • When untucked, your white polo tshirt should reach up to the halfway point of the back pocket of your pants.
  • It should not be too fitted – there should be about two inches of fabric on either side. However, it shouldn’t be too loose either.
  • The sleeves should be snug at your bicep and reach down to the midpoint of your shoulder and elbow. At the sleeve opening, there should be about half an inch of fabric between the sleeve and your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a white polo t-shirt formal wear?

White polo tees are semi-formal wear. They are not appropriate for white and black tie events but can be worn to a meal with friends or a casual party (as well as, of course, to the golf course).

2. Should you tuck in a white polo?

If you’re going to business-casual or smart-casual even, you should tuck in your polo. In all other situations, you can wear your polo untucked, though this also depends on your personal comfort level.

3. Should you buy other polos?

White polos are only the first step to buying polos for your wardrobe. Ideally, you should own at least 3-4 coloured polos, as well as one polo each in black and white. However, depending on how often you wear polos, you can have a larger polo collection as well.

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