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Von Dutch

Von Dutch has been changing the game for generations. Emerging as an early-2000’s icon, they’ve made their mark on American culture, with apparel and accessories donned by the biggest names in music and Hollywood.The PUMA x VON DUTCH collection is inspired by the ability to create your own world through fashion. Everything is in the subconscious – and you can tap into that cultural subconscious to mix and match pieces and express your style. Product designs feature nostalgic details that nod to the past, ready for you to shape the trends of the future.
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Von Dutch
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PUMA x VON DUTCH Future Rider Women's Sneakers 4062452977824

PUMA x VON DUTCH RS-2K IMEVA Shoes 4062452957871

PUMA x VON DUTCH Ralph Sampson Sneakers 4062453039682

PUMA x VON DUTCH Ralph Sampson Mid Sneakers 4062453001009