We are Forever Faster. But every day we strive to be Forever Better.
As a sports brand, we are constantly pushing to be better than we were yesterday. Forever Better is our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment.
The Hundreds is a classic California streetwear brand with an edge – using
their fresh perspective to create products as unique as their consumers.
The second season of PUMA x THE HUNDREDS continues their mission
of “people over product”. Each piece seeks to increase consciousness
about how we dress and what we purchase. Using more sustainable
materials like recycled rubber and polyester, organic cotton,
and chrome-free leather to elevate streetwear staples, we embrace
the idea of a more hopeful future.
Central Saint Martins is a world-renowned arts and design college based in London.
Created in collaboration with the college’s fashion students, the Future Fashion collection
was created to promote water conservation in our changing world.
PUMA x FIRST MILE isn’t just about turning plastic into
product. This is a collection rooted in social impact
and human connection—one that threads people
together around a decision to do better.
Featuring organic cotton materials in both
footwear and apparel, soft neutral colourways,
and the trendiest silhouettes, this gender-neutral,
more sustainable kids collection is ready
for the next generation of eco advocates.
Made with organic cotton and polyester recycled from
plastic bottles, our Downtown collection is comfortable
and more sustainable for your urban adventures.
Everyday comfort you can feel good about, Hemp is a
durable and lightweight fabric created using more sustainable
practices to reduce pollution and allow long-lasting wear.